AXXAINNO has come on board with Gnowbe as their distributor, offering Instructional Design of content for mobile platform and marketing their online mobile micro learning courses curated by experts in their field. Who is Gnowbe, Gnowbe is a pioneering mobile micro-learning and engagement solution to help the modern workforce learn faster and better. Based on the latest science of adult learning, gamification and behavior design, Gnowbe’s approach is bite-sized, collaborative and drives ‘on-the-job application’ for greater performance.

Who is Gnowbe?

Here are few examples of how you can use Gnowbe:


New employees, members and business partner orientation.

Customer Service Training

Soft skills and industry knowledge for frontline employees.

Stakeholder Engagement

Continuous learning for alumni, volunteers and members.

Leadership Transformation

Development and capability building for c-suite leaders.

Product Knowledge

Complex product knowledge, updates for sales teams.

Blended Learning

Augment training and workshop experience with mobile learning.

Culture Change

Habit formation and culture change across organizations.


Customer Contact Operations

The client leveraged Gnowbe’s microlearning programs on topics ranging from regional culture and holidays of the target market to call center branches and tips on handling challenging customer questions.

Leadership Development

When the new mentoring program was launched, Gnowbe was introduced alongside the existing face-to-face sessions to accelerate, deepen and facilitate the development of the managers.

Onboarding Customer Service Employees

The client leveraged Gnowbe’s mobile first microlearning solution to reach their customer service employees – physically and emotionally.


Training Company Owners and Teams

Independent Trainers, Executive Coaches, Consultants & Training Providers

HR Directors/ Manager, Learning and Development professionals

Education Provider

Talent Manager and Trainers at Large MNC

The Future of Corporate learning

Mobile first platforms, leveraging the unique capabilities of the smartphone

Learning design that meets the needs of the modern learner…

Ease of learning
Content is bite-sized, interactive, multimedia
Ease of sharing
Peer-to-peer sharing and chat
Ease of access
Convenient to learn anytime, anywhere

…as well as the agile enterprise

Ease of reach
Engage staff in the extended enterprise, incl. Business
partners and freelancers on an on-going basis
Ease of collaboration
Support community-driven learning
Ease of creating content
Easy to create sticky content and keep it up-to-date
Ease of measuring
Real-time tracking of individual learner’s progress
Ease of sustaining
Cost and time efficient; training is not disrupting time spent
with customers

Training programs that are well placed to lead this paradigm shift

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